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Let's Play With No Foreknowledge: Chrono Trigger - Part 2 of Who Knows!

In this post... the second installment of my Let's Play of Chrono Trigger! Let's see how horribly this goes, shall we?

Previously on Chrono the Trigger - adventures in a random-as-hell forest!

It's clearly a different time - first of all, the season's not the same - which just makes sense 'cause this game is all about time travelling. But what the hell is Crono doing in this dinky little hidden forest thinger? Time to gtfo.

I unpause and -

Suddenly Blue Imps! Everywhere!

... All of them died in one hit. That's probably because I'm ridiculously overlevelled, but hey! I'm cool with this. Seeing as there's nothing else to do in this glen, I... spend a minute running in circles trying to find the exit. Yep. Turns out it's to the left. I'll just... go over then...

I hear an annoying noise the moment I step into this next area. It's pretty - a river and several cliffs, with ladders haphazardly strewn about - but it has more of those dumb imps. Awesome, stuff to kill! I go to cross the bridge and suddenly -

Pictured: Crono doesn't know what the fuck.

Fight number 2! As before, I wipe the floor with the Imps. This is probably because I ground like mad AND got a weapon I didn't need, but fuck it.

Checking the chest below, I get... a "PowerGlove".


Moving right along. I equip the Power Glove (it's so bad) and continue onward in my quest to get stupid items or whatever it is.

Exploring lower in the same area leads me to this baffling scene...

No, seriously, what the fuck is going on there? Whatever it is, I think it qualifies as animal abuse and possibly stupid, so I go over to break it up. By force. And by force I mean stabbing things with a Lode Sword.

Turns out the green thing is called a Roly! After massacring it and the other Blue Imps, I collect my prize - a shiny new Tonic. I may need this soon, but for now I stow it.

There's a path downward. I take it, knowing that there was another way to go higher up but just wanting to see what's around...

Daaaaamn, all that fog. And now the time is unknown, as evidenced by that ? down there. But screw that place for now! I immediately turn back the way I came (apparently Truce Canyon?) to explore the area I missed the first time. Annoyingly, the enemies respawn, but I have infinite patience in pressing buttons - defeating that group-of-three again rewards me with another Tonic anyway.

Getting back up to the top of the screen, I head to the left, along the path I didn't take before.

... Whelp, it's just a Tonic in a treasure chest. How disappointing!

Back to the outside area with all the fog, I guess. Crono doesn't seem too pleased, if his occasional flailing is any indication, but we've gotta go somewhere. The plot's not gonna advance itself.

Checking out the buildings - Residences, a Market and the Truce Inn - reveals we're probably in the past of the same area Crono comes from. The pier hasn't been built yet and neither has Crono's own house. Also there's a massive castle.

Heading left a little reveals the bridge is out.

Well, that sucks. Who wants to bet there's a way to bypass that later?

I can also get to a Cathedral, though if I wanna get to that castle I'll need to go through Guardia Forest.

Naturally I think I'd better take this stuff in order. So, back to the main square!

The first house I enter grants me some useful information in the form of Purple-Hair Lady.

Thanks for the incredibly-specific advice, lady! I'll be sure to note all the details you helpfully gave without me ever asking.

Unfortunately I can't steal and eat the Red Glop In the Bowl on the table, so it's off to the next house to plunder its residents' information.

When I get outside, I notice that the ? of the time is replaced by "600 A.D.". Cool. Still not very helpful, though... gotta explore more.

The other Residence contains Banta, the blacksmith. He's apparently forging some bell for the King to give to the Queen. Wasn't there some shit mentioned about that before? Huhhhhh.

Entering the inn gives me this asshole of a knight to contend with...

Interesting note: the brown-haired guy beside him can't be talked to while he's drinking. That's actually pretty cool.

Some guy named Toma waltzes in, comments about how rude it is that I'm standing at what's probably his spot (well fuck you too, Toma), and then offers to tell me a story if I'll pay him. Because I'm an asshole, I tell him no at first and then end up saying yes anyway. He proceeds to relate the story of Queen Leene being trapped in the cathedral. (Does that rhyme?) But she's been found again, yay! Just... babbling something "incomprehensible". Whaddya wanna bet that this'll be something else weird and plot-related too?

Also, from a random guy, we find out Magus' army was the one that torched the bridge. Fuck.

Heading upstairs in the inn and - GODDAMN THAT BOX. It's still as unopenable as ever, too. >:[

The Market has nothing useful - I got all this equipment already - so it's back to the square. I guess I'm headed to that castle now!

... Or... well, that cathedral seemed pretty tempting...


... Fuck it, cathedral time.

The music is pretty damn nice. Creepyish, but nice.

However, these nuns are not nice.

Yeeeeah. See what I mean?

At least the stained glass is pretty.

So that place is obviously gonna be significant later too. Last stop: Guardia Forest!

And what a nice forest it is, too. Very twisty and turny and full of... trees and shit. With a nice theme! I'll just go to the left... oh shit, birds! Blue Eaglets, to be exact.

I teach them to mind their own business.

Searching deeper in the forest yields a shaking bush. I interact with it and some Roly Riders come out - I introduce them to my Lode Sword.

Examining another bush makes a white monster drop out (too fast for me to get a screenshot unfortunately). Apparently, it leaves a Shelter behind. Minemineminemine!

Interacting with a random sparkle on the ground lower down yields this:

Looks like it's the Chrono Trigger-verse equivalent of Vitamins. I save it for now and keep combing the forest.

Several battles later, I arrive at a path upwards. Since nothing else led anywhere, I take this one.

Score! It's the castle. Time to mosey right on in then!

And... WHO COULD HAVE FORESEEN THIS PLOT DEVELOPMENT. Apparently the Queen is actually a friend of mine?!!?!? OMG! That was completely impossible to spot from a mile off!

Of course the queen calls me into the throne room. And of course I ignore her to explore the castle.

First stop: the Knights' Quarters and some rest.

... Snooze was not a term used in 600 A.D.

Also, get a load of the Knights of the Rectangular Table over there. Talking to them mostly yields stuff about Sir Cyrus and how he's awesome but AFK for ten years.

Whelp, time to head back upstairs.

In the next room at the end of the hall, there's a kitchen. I fuck around in it, ordering food and in general wasting time

At least the Hyper Kabob looks good... though it hardly looks like a kabob.

Also random entitled asshole Knight Captain. Apparently he's not usually that bad but the chef rubs him the wrong way. (Sexy?) Also the chef wants ice cream... I'll make a note of that.

Now I waltz into the throne room. The first thing I do is chat to the Chancellor, who just hmms at me. The douche! I follow him upstairs but nothing happens whatsoever, which is disappointing. There is a chest I raid for 100 G, though...

And then another one of those godforsaken sealed boxes. I'm really starting to hate those.

Continuing up to the next floor, we find the Chancellor... suspiciously staring at a wall. Huh. When I confront him he yells and tells me to get out of his face...

Going down the hall and chatting to one of his guards reveals the horrible truth.

HE'S BEING EXPOSED TO THE OUTSIDE. Quick, get him indoors and in front of a comp - oh wait.

I can also just waltz into the room the guards are... guarding, and turns out there's nobody in it but a woman who tells me that the Chancellor is a good person "because he goes to the cathedral every day". GEE THAT CATHEDRAL SURE SOUNDS LIKE A PLACE PEOPLE SHOULD BE GOING.

I go back downstairs now and chat with the King, who volunteers some pretty interesting information -

She lost her obvious plot device pin, huh? I bet that means we'll have to do a stupid fetch quest for it.

Anyway, I guess I oughta go talk to her now...

So I start traipsing up the staircase. Lots of rooms, mostly with nothing in them. I loot a Tonic, though. Finally I make it to the top, and a guard ducks aside for me. I then enter the queen's chamber proper and strike up a conversation.

It's-a her, Marle-io! (Sorry.)

She says she knew I'd come to her, which is kind of disturbing, and generally seems grateful. Yay I did a good thing.

... Suddenly... a wild blue filter appears!

Marle starts screaming and in general freaking the fuck out as she gets... torn apart or something...? And then she disappears. My god, we were just getting someplace!

I raid the room for an Ether and then leave because that was just annoying. La la la, going downstairs... SUDDENLY LUCCA.

No, seriously. How the hell did she get here?

According to Lucca, Marle = Princess Nadia, and she's a descendant of Queen Leene. Apparently that means nobody can tell her apart from her own ancestor...

And now I open my stats, because Lucca has joined the par-tay!

Bonus: sneak peek at Crono's stats, which seem to have... degraded? o_O But I was level 10 before...


Well this is dumb.

Anyway, since I have access to free healing and infinite battles, it's probably time to grind. But first - I immediately go off to the Market, sell off Lucca's old shit and buy her new, better stuff. Not much better but it'll have to do.

And now to grind.

Magical Time-Skip Powers Activate!

Post-grindfest, we return with several important pieces of knowledge:

▪ The monsters always respawn in the exact same configuration and drop the same items every time. (That includes the random wild monster that drops Shelters. I have a bunch now. c8)

▪ Lucca's gun is highly variable. It seems to almost do damage randomly. Maybe it has something to do with distance, though?

▪ Crono is pretty much the one-hit wonder right now and OHKOs everything.

I didn't have the patience to grind them both to lv. 10 this early... here's hoping I ground enough for now, though.

The spoils:

And for a bonus:

Just look at all those sweet, sweet free Shelters. I am practically rolling in these Shelters.

Anyway, time to go back to actually doing something. Now that I've rested up at the Inn, I head back to the Cathedral, hoping something new and exciting might've happened there.

At first, nothing looks suspicious. But there's a sparkle on the floor. I go to pick it up... and it's the Guardia crest pin. OH NOES.

Suddenly the nuns... I don't even know.

... That. Just... Just that.

Anyway. Naga-ettes. Okay. These are new.

I beat the first one to death, but it takes a few shots. Getting frustrated, I try this fancy "Fire Whirl" technique I've never tried before on two of the other Naga-ettes.

... It does 245 fucking damage. Two hundred-forty-fuckin'-five.

... Okay.

The last one is dispatched easily enough... and then suddenly, another one appears and slashes Lucca with dramatic timing! Because she isn't protected by cutscene powers, she gets maimed.

AND THEN SUDDENLY FROG. I'm starting to wonder if Crono is just high off his ass.

Anyway, it looks like we're tagging along with Froggy here. He gets the inspiring name of... Frog.

Here's his stats!

Unsurprisingly he's a Water type, and although he's lower level than the rest of my party he has some decent stats and gear. I'm kind of tempted to grind him, but... that can wait.

For now, I search the cathedral. The obvious thing is to go to the organ, so I play it...

And presto.

A door.

The next area is sprawling and expansive, so I'll only partially explore it before I cut the update off here.

The most immediate thing about the place is that it's got a lot of carpets and torches and shit like that. Also, the enemies don't instantly die to Crono's attacks anymore! Or at least the Gnashers don't. This is an interesting change, but having three people in the party still means I'm mowing most enemies down.

The first hallway is fairly uninspiring, just some waltzing Diablos and two chests that I raid for items. Diablos don't offer much challenge even if they have more HP than enemies in the Guardia Forest.

Continuing onward, there's a massive hall with multiple exit and entryways spanning off of it. I choose to explore the right side first, and duck into the first available room.

There's this interesting tidbit of info inside...

Aha, so that's the plan. I knew there was something wrong with a guy who goes outside! Also maybe the staring at walls part was a clue.

And then there's another room, which has cloaked versions of the king, queen and a random knight. They're... actually Gnashers, but it's fairly obvious. (I loot the chests for a Revive and 100 G... unfortunately it all happened too fast to get a proper screenshot of it, but that should tell you how easy these battles are for me. Maybe I ground too much?)

After I go back down to the main floor, I encounter some fairly stupid Gnashers in the hallway...

Gee, really? You just noticed that?

Then follow two fights in quick succession. The first fight here, consisting of Gnashers and Diablos (the gray sculpture guys) goes smoothly enough. Then I progress further down the hall and... oh shit, more Gnashers and Naga-ettes?!

I've had enough of this shit, so a well-timed Fire Whirl nails 'em all...

And everybody levels up. Niiiiiiiiiice.

I think I'll end the update on that note, right in front of this mystery door...

Who knows what horrors wait inside? (Though they'll probably be easily beaten like the rest of these morons so far...)

Tune in next time, where we'll discover more of the spooky and impossibly-large cathedral basement thing!
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