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Golden ([personal profile] goldenkirbichu) wrote2012-02-01 08:40 am

Whoa holy shit I'm writing on this thing?

... Huh, go figure, I can write stuff that doesn't directly pertain to RPing!

... So.

I have never used a journal for anything before, and I figure at 9:00 a.m.-ish after waking up from sleeping at 4 p.m. the day before and then waking up again at 10 p.m. is totally the best time to do this. In other words - this is shitty stream-of-consciousness writing and so is liable to completely suck. :|; Apologies beforehand.

First things first! On the RP front (because my life is fucking boring), several pretty major things to consider. I have a shit ton of tags and I need to do them rather than let them terrify me by sitting in the inbox inertly. This shall happen because I am tired of being the worst RP partner ever and I need to give people some reason to actually want to play with me. Normally I don't flake so bad on tags but I think the sheer volume of them made me do my usual "oh god a troublesome situation Golden run away from it!" tactic. :| ... Yep.

Couple of major drops, too. Kazooie is officially roommate-less - still bouncing around plans for who she should actually move in with, mostly because I'm not certain which is more IC. I'll probably have her do this in her next post. Nu is gone, which will be a little saddening for Robert (surprisingly) but the most major one is Giles. That... will actually be pretty difficult, especially since Robert is juggling his effect.

... Though this makes me realize I haven't done something cool with Kaz in awhile. She needs some kind of fascinating plot. :|a Hrm. This will require thinking on something!

I also totally need to get around to updating my tag log and CR charts... so many new things to put there. At least DW has more space! Though I can't brain HTML for the life of me...

... Oh, right, I actually have a life outside of the computer. I nearly forgot! I should probably ramble about that too.

Okay. So. I really need to get on registering to that biology course so I can stop being a failure at life who isn't doing anything other than sitting around, RPing and playing vidya. I'm also prodding around at counsellors in the area because gods know I need them now. 8| lol, being a lazy unproductive sack of fat for a few months will do that to you. /pokes himself

... I don't want to baw too much about my issues - though then again this is my own journal and I should technically be entitled to baw about them but I still feel awkward doing so anyway - but I have a bunch of them and they need to be fixed somehow so I should probably get on doing that. Especially because I recently went to baw on Plurk about my craptacular self-esteem and lousy self-image and how ugly and fat and stupid I feel. Which can't be healthy by any stretch of the word, nope.

It actually has been a long time since I had a depressive attack like that. I really gotta wonder what triggered it - other than a sudden desire to get a hair cut. Maybe something just went weird in my brain that day, I don't know, but either way it was kind of a kick in the head. Clearly 20 mg of Cipralex alone is not going to cut it in the "Golden stop being depressed and useless" department.

... /rolls around...

... Hrm. What else is there?

Oh. Well. I gotta straighten my sleep schedule out so I can take my sibling on a dry run through the public transit system... so that she doesn't freak out trying to do it herself on Friday. Otherwise we're gonna get a repeat of her panic attack from before. :|; And nobody wants that... especially not her. Plus it might do me good to get out again... I mean, I haven't for at least a couple of weeks. >_> /nope not totally a useless shut-in

UM. I think this sums up everything mildly interesting about my life right now? Gods I wish I could HTML better. Or in other way make this look less stupid.

/stfus for now
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[personal profile] hickumu 2012-02-01 02:14 pm (UTC)(link)
/wince Oh god I wish I'd had someone to take me on a dry run through public transit. Will never forget the day when I accidentally got on a bus going in completely the opposite direction, and even a couple of weeks ago I wound up staying on a bus twice as long as I would have had to if I'd paid more attention to the schedule.
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[personal profile] ryttu3k 2012-02-02 08:31 am (UTC)(link)
XD;; I went the opposite way on the New York subway once. While trying to get to the airport. So not fun.

AND YES, bio course and counsellors! You can do it! *sticks Robert in cheerleader outfit*