hickumu: (Alanna)
Dancing between raindrops, never getting wet ([personal profile] hickumu) wrote in [personal profile] goldenkirbichu 2012-02-27 03:35 pm (UTC)

Regarding your RP problems...yeah, I have been in something of a similar situation before. The difference is that the mun in question did tell me what they were so angry at them about, it was just such a petty reason at such an awful and stressful time in my life that I got seriously pissed. I confess, after a while I just got too angry at the mun in question to bother, and I was happier for being away from them. I wound up being too stubborn to do much about it.

And it is a massive drain on your motivation. Believe me, I understand and I'm sorry you're going through this.

The worrying thing is that I think I might have a suspicion who you're talking about, sad to say.

As for RL...Goldeeeeeen, don't be like my Dad! He has dissolving cartilage in his spine and therefore horrible back pain.

I know some leg exercises from my time in martial arts that might help you out, though. They give me serious flexibility, when I can keep up with them. I don't need leg strength, due to all the walking I do per day, but the extra range of motion helps lots.

And ooh, I forgot you lived in Canada! I have so many Canadian friends, it's weird, but then again Canada is cool. It's awesome to hear that you're getting out and about willingly, though <3. Also, it was sweet of you to let your sibling tag along.

Also, okay, I will confess that I lol'd like a loon at your description of the oddity that is you going outside. Clever, Golden, very clever.

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