talontrot: (you mean i don't get a sequel?)
Kazooie ([personal profile] talontrot) wrote in [personal profile] goldenkirbichu 2012-02-28 05:35 am (UTC)

/takes forever to reply to this

... Well, that's the problem. D: At this point I kind of have to do something. It's dragging on other people who are involved, causing tensions all around and it just... sucks to watch for me, to the point I resent going to places like Plurk and seeing long discussions with this mun and other people because I'm never allowed to be a part of them. :<

And... yeah. I'm not surprised you can guess, honestly. You can always... poke me more directly if you want me to say? But... I dunno. I was afraid of getting anybody else involved but I thought talking about it as an oblique... thing might help. Nobody's obligated to get stuck in my crap - it's not fair, really. I just want it to end so everybody can be happy, or at least OKAY with each other long enough to have fun. :|

... as for the rest...

... D-Dissolving cartilage...? Oh geez. D8 That... doesn't sound good. I... don't think that's happening to me? I'm just horribly out of shape and don't exercise much. :|;

And yeah, Canada is awesome. 'w' Overall, anyway. It's got its failings - everywhere does, of course - but it tries! We all try. o/`

All I need is a good source of motivation. Talking to cool people = plenty of motivation! :'D And my sibling is one of the closest people I have in my life, so in all honesty taking her along was a bonus.

I try my best. /bows

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