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Dancing between raindrops, never getting wet ([personal profile] hickumu) wrote in [personal profile] goldenkirbichu 2012-02-28 05:49 am (UTC)

/pats Twelve hours is hardly forever, by my standards

It is your personal journal, I'm going out on a limb and assuming that she isn't friended to it, and you are trying to be discreet. Mentioning it in an oblique way is acceptable, in my book. Not that it's always a terribly rational book, but there you go. To quote that Watcher of mine - "talking helps."

*sighs* *grumbles* I confess, it's this sort of...weird clique mentality that's part of the reason I dropped. That, and an utter inability to keep up and getting smacked down for it. I feel like I could happily musebox forever right now, the reduction in stress level is not to be believed. It's also part of why I don't go on plurk anymore, of course, but that's for entirely different stress reasons.

So I wish I could give you better advice, but I wound up flouncing rather than do anything productive about it. Have you talked to any of your mutual friends, to see if they've noticed this thing going on between you two? If it's as much a drain on things as you've gathered, they'll probably want to have their say and want it to end as much as you do.

...if you do bring this up to her, though, I cowardly request that you not mention I said any of that. My feelings tend to change day to day. I might remember entirely different reasons for dropping tomorrow, and I might just be grouchy enough to write it off to that today. Plurk, though, plurk is too much for me and way too much stress seeing how little I keep up with.

Heh. No, you probably don't - it seems to be a genetic issue, more than anything - but it's usually a suitably awful condition that I can mention it to make my point. Yeah, dissolving cartilage for this one vertebrae in his spine. Painful as fuck. He has to get new cartilage injected every three months. But that mostly sounds like what your problem is - lack of exercise, I mean. Some simple stretching and a walk every day will do you wonders. I'm in college, I cover a couple of miles a day and barely notice it, but before I got up here it was flat country and bus rides all the way for me. I can at least give you some stretches to start with. Exercise is good and healthy - it clears your head and helps you sleep (something you need looooots of help with, from what I remember!). And just because I've been out of martial arts for the last few years doesn't mean I've forgotten everything from the ten years I participated.

Most of what I know about Canada is that it's really cold, you have this awesome thing called beaver tails that I would kill to try, some cool television shows are filmed there, and that you're the only nation in NAFTA to maintain a positive balance of trade \o/. Not much, I confess, but those are some pretty good credentials.

Talking to good people is wonderful motivation! I wish I had more of that. Nah, pretty much the only motivation I have for going out and about is class or stopping off at the public library for more books. Occasionally the comic shop. Or catching a bus. Basically I don't have a lot of happy motivation. So I am envious -_-. I hope you and Mon can at least get together again soon. I've never met any of y'all in real life and that's not likely to change any time soon, not unless I get a really horrible layover.

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