semper_cogitans: (*facepalm*)
Robert Hastings ([personal profile] semper_cogitans) wrote in [personal profile] goldenkirbichu 2012-03-02 08:39 am (UTC)

And me missing this was due to fail and not noticing GMail's stuff

... you were not kidding when you said you had a tendency to tl;dr. /stares... But I like it. I like seeing all this laid out. :'D Just... give me awhile to try to organize this into some kind of coherent response...

To address your first reply:

Oh, yeah, that is definitely true; it's... not quite the same thing. But I figure the same rationales that keep me from attempting to friend that mun elsewhere applied to here - more or less. That being said, though, you definitely have a point - it's not a sign that someone doesn't like you if that person doesn't add you everywhere. It's just that this situation has various complicating factors that end up feeding into that. :|a

Wouldn't it be weird if I was your RL friend and had no idea?! /boggles ... No, it probably would be impossible. You would've had to have lived here before, and you haven't.

But. Asperger's is the Wikipedia self-diagnosis, which I think is where much of the disdain comes from - a lot of people use it as, frankly, excuses to be assholes without any remorse, which I don't want to do even if I do have something similar. (And I have no idea if I do or not.) I do hope that it doesn't seem like I'm being resentful of having my social faux pas pointed out though - I mean, I certainly appreciate the information when it's given to me.

Fffff, if I gave the impression of implicating anybody, then I apologize - I certainly don't think any of you guys would want to participate in this sort of clique mentality. None of you ever struck me as that kind of person. And the only person I've seen it from is... well... the singular mun. Everybody else just seems to kind of be involved-by-proxy (but not actually... doing anything themselves, i.e. not excluding me or anything like that).

And that much is probably true. I know that... well, more than one person here hasn't wanted to take sides. I don't really blame them, to be fair - I wouldn't want them to pick sides, either. But it just ends up being frustrating, because usually I can guess who's going to come out on the winning end. D8 ... Partially this is because I'm usually the one willing to take a fall, but eh. I just figure it's better for my self-esteem if I don't turn myself into the RP punching bag on other peoples' behalf, fff.

Not to say that compromise and sharing shouldn't happen. Ideally I'd want to share time with mutually-affected characters with this mun so everybody could be happy... or at least content. But that doesn't seem to be acceptable. D:

Herp. I suppose instead of yammering here I should be trying to talk to her. But I don't even know what to say...

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