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... l-lol... What is with me and never writing about my life?


Oh yes, that's right. Because it's boring. That probably explains it!


It's a pretty sad sack of existence when the most significant thing I did today was get Pokemon ROM patching to work properly. /facepalm... On the bright side, though, I did do something marginally fascinating recently, so I should probably say something about that before it becomes entirely irrelevant and too far in the past to be worth mentioning.

RIGHT. So let's get on that, shall we? /yea

... Rewind to two days ago, really, because something significant happened then. Wanna know what it is?


I know! It's such a shocking and rare occurrence that it's about equal to the idea of seeing the sky itself rend apart and a chorus of angels spiralling down flanking the Flying Spaghetti Monster carrying Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny singing a duet while the entire cast of the Care Bears backs the vocals up with an acapella rendition of "Don't Stop Believin'".

... In other words, it's the kind of insanity that happens once in a very rare occasion, namely because I never really have any reason to do it.

However this time was different, because I had - gasp - motivation, in the form of two Luceti-muns! Or... rather, in the form of a Luceti-mun and a mun-to-be: our very own Mon (the mun of the lovely Little Mac and Isaac) and PurePlum (the to-be mun of the equally-lovely Sabriel).

Rambling about the trip in here! )

... So, that's my trip! Now as for the one crappy thing about it - LEG PAIN. I still can't walk without stiffness.

Yes, that says a lot about how sedentary my life is. It's a bit of a wake-up call, admittedly. I don't know if it's enough of one, though... I mean, that would require motivation and I don't have a lot of that...

... But it's just another excuse, really. An excuse not to do anything. :| I dunno if I should let myself be making those anymore. /rolls

Oh, that brings me into my next pile of blargh - RP failure.

RP failure blargh )


... IDK what to do, really. Has anybody ever been in a similar situation? I don't really want asspats - I mean, this situation is probably just as much my fault, or there must be something on my end, IDK - but I am curious as to what you other guys might do.

... And I'm also curious if this means I'm... I dunno, doing something stupid and not noticing. Am I just somehow giving off "asshole" impressions? Or... IDK. /Kanye shrug

Well, that's all the interesting stuff I had to say. Sorry for being so absent, guys... I just forget I even have a personal DW some days because my life is so boring it's not worth writing about. 8[

/rolls away~
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... Huh, go figure, I can write stuff that doesn't directly pertain to RPing!

... So.

I have never used a journal for anything before, and I figure at 9:00 a.m.-ish after waking up from sleeping at 4 p.m. the day before and then waking up again at 10 p.m. is totally the best time to do this. In other words - this is shitty stream-of-consciousness writing and so is liable to completely suck. :|; Apologies beforehand.

blah blah RP stuff )

... Oh, right, I actually have a life outside of the computer. I nearly forgot! I should probably ramble about that too.

blah blah RL-ish stuff )

... /rolls around...

... Hrm. What else is there?

Oh. Well. I gotta straighten my sleep schedule out so I can take my sibling on a dry run through the public transit system... so that she doesn't freak out trying to do it herself on Friday. Otherwise we're gonna get a repeat of her panic attack from before. :|; And nobody wants that... especially not her. Plus it might do me good to get out again... I mean, I haven't for at least a couple of weeks. >_> /nope not totally a useless shut-in

UM. I think this sums up everything mildly interesting about my life right now? Gods I wish I could HTML better. Or in other way make this look less stupid.

/stfus for now


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