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... Huh, go figure, I can write stuff that doesn't directly pertain to RPing!

... So.

I have never used a journal for anything before, and I figure at 9:00 a.m.-ish after waking up from sleeping at 4 p.m. the day before and then waking up again at 10 p.m. is totally the best time to do this. In other words - this is shitty stream-of-consciousness writing and so is liable to completely suck. :|; Apologies beforehand.

blah blah RP stuff )

... Oh, right, I actually have a life outside of the computer. I nearly forgot! I should probably ramble about that too.

blah blah RL-ish stuff )

... /rolls around...

... Hrm. What else is there?

Oh. Well. I gotta straighten my sleep schedule out so I can take my sibling on a dry run through the public transit system... so that she doesn't freak out trying to do it herself on Friday. Otherwise we're gonna get a repeat of her panic attack from before. :|; And nobody wants that... especially not her. Plus it might do me good to get out again... I mean, I haven't for at least a couple of weeks. >_> /nope not totally a useless shut-in

UM. I think this sums up everything mildly interesting about my life right now? Gods I wish I could HTML better. Or in other way make this look less stupid.

/stfus for now


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