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Robert Hastings ([personal profile] semper_cogitans) wrote in [personal profile] goldenkirbichu 2012-03-02 08:49 am (UTC)

Now I feel inadequate for not talking as much /shot

Well, we've got some similarity - I'm shorter than average and have short legs, and am also naturally heavyset. :|; This ends up making me look even more awkward than if I'd been taller, but... l-lol. Looks are not something I have.

/quietly reads the stretches...

... Is it sad that I don't think I'd ever heard about any of those? /insert oh crap face here

One complication with some of those is that I don't have a lot of flexibility. Back when I was nine, I had a double hip surgery, and that... reduced my movement ability quite a bit. I mean, I'm sure that if I had been exercising more I would've kept more flexibility, but... l-lol, even at nine I didn't like exercising much, so that didn't happen.

... Hopefully I can do at least SOME of those without wanting to keel over, though.

Oh god, dancing. D8 Dancing is like, one of THE things I am anxious about and generally dislike doing. Especially when other people are around. ESPECIALLY when they're around and doing the same thing... So much anxiety and awkwardness and just. asdjhasjdhsk. (Anything similar, like yoga, also results in panic and self-hating shame. I pretty much burst into tears during a yoga class a year ago because I felt so incompetent since I couldn't do ANY of the stretches properly without pain.)


Herp. /flop

... Summoning me down there sounds interesting, assuming that ever becomes feasible in the future. :|a And I'd actually have a reason to get something...! :'D


I dunno. It's always hard for me to talk about the respective quality of interaction face-to-face versus interaction online, because... I honestly don't get much difference from the two. Short of being able to make physical contact, which is not that big a deal to me, there's really not a lot of difference beyond people being text-reliant here (and text is, weirdly, easier for me to glean meaning from - whether it be from the actual word choice, the spacing of text, the decision to use or not use punctuation, et cetera). At least not to me. I know a lot of people miss physical cues, but I don't always interpret them right anyway, so hey. :'D

... Either way, though. I always enjoy talking to people. Especially intelligent people like yourself. o/`

/rambles forever~

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