goldenkirbichu: (darwin pokemon)
Golden ([personal profile] goldenkirbichu) wrote2012-04-17 01:41 am

One of these days I'll learn to have some kind of schedule for these

But that day is not today. Or any day prior to this, really.

What have I even done lately that's worthwhile to discuss? Other than fail an AC, argh. That's the first time I've failed one in... a year and eight months. Wow. Good job, self.

It occurs to me that I have a bunch of games I have not played and never have played sitting around waiting for me to play them. I wonder if I should do some kind of blind Let's Play akin to what [personal profile] hickumu was doing with OoT... (Which is another game I never played, by the way. :|) I considered Chrono Trigger as Ami was like "HEY YOU SHOULD HAVE A MUSE FOR LUCCA" and the character sounds cute. Scientist girls! I must have scientist girl muses!

... So yeah, there's that.

Hmm, what else is new... I actually willingly went for a rather lengthy walk a few days ago! And promptly ended up injuring myself. 8| I can't seem to get exercise without injuring myself afterwards like a moron. Clearly this means I need to do it more regularly, so I'm considering doing so again tomorrow! \o/ (Watch me strain my ankle...)

The path I took during it took me near my old elementary school, which I do not have fond memories of, needless to say. D8

Not that anybody wants to hear about that... :|;

Bluh bluh, I have such an uninspiring life. LOL I should try my hand at something actually productive one of these days... Gods know I have a long enough list of stuff I could be doing there but am not. Why am I such a procrastinator?

Answer: Probably because it's easier to just flop around than do things...

... Speaking of failure, I should never be allowed near Super Mario World ever again. Meph can attest to my epic amounts of suckage attempting to play it... we must've died like 40 times in the first three worlds. @_@ And we game over'd twice. BEST MARIO PLAYERS EVER. (I'm usually so good at the platformers! Why did I suck at these...)

Whelp. I have nothing more interesting to say. /rolls away

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