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In this post... the second installment of my Let's Play of Chrono Trigger! Let's see how horribly this goes, shall we?

More tl;dr exists inside the cut! )
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So, ages back I figured I would try something like this.

Thus, with no warning, I have randomly decided to begin my Chrono Trigger Let's Play! With no foreknowledge, of course.

Expect a ton of tl;dr!

What the hell is Chrono Trigger anyway?

... Honestly, the amount I know about Chrono Trigger could fit on the head of a pin. All I know about it - literally - is that it's a popular cult-favourite JRPG that has something to do with time travelling.

Yep. That's all. And this is how I'm going into the game, folks! With no foreknowledge. 8D Expect me to just... brutally suck at everything.

Also expect me to be kind of OCD because that's... me.

ANYWAY. On with the show!

A bunch of images and tl;dr text inside this cut for those poor people who don't want their F-Lists mauled by Chrono Trigger crap )

I would appreciate any kind of input on how I could do this better, too. More screenshots? Fewer? More shitty jokes? Fewer shitty jokes? Something else? Videos are kinda out of the question unless someone can suggest a really good screen-recording software...

Anyway, thanks everybody for reading, and I hope to see you guys again for Part 2! 83


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